Tezgüller was established in Istanbul at the beginning of 1970's. It takes its name from the surname of its founders.

Being the leading company of our country by starting production of Concrete Blocks, Briquette, Curbstone, Pipe Machine and equipment to meet the needs of the Construction Infrastructure sector for the needs of the period in the years that it was established...

Our company is operating in a modern production facility with a closed area of 10.000 m2 located in İstanbul Y. Dudullu Organized Industrial Zone in 1998.

We are doing our job with our sectoral experience and know-how as a team for half a century. We accept and obey the commercial code of ethics as our ultimate goal. We create solutions by protecting the rights of both our customers and our own company.

Tezgüller produces Machinery and Equipment Produced for its customers in accordance with their demand or as turn-key production facilities, or sold as Machinery or Equipment. Installation and erection of plants, machinery or equipment is performed by technical staff of Tezgüller. Following the completion of the installation of machinery and equipment, training is provided to the personnel who will use the machinery and equipment.